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Environmental Green Growth Systems (EGGS) Patent

E-Smart Foods International has developed a patented agricultural technology that can innovate farming by providing natural green leafy vegetables with record yields in the shortest growing time on 1/200th of the land allocation, while having minimal impact on resources.

No Soil

Atmospheric water generation is possible

Minimum water supply required

No petro-chemical pesticides, herbicides, fungicides

Neutral Carbon Footprint

Controlled greenhouse chamber (ICE AGE chamber) which functions all year round


Soilless, controlled environment, irrespective of seasonal and climatic conditions

Growth tube for leafy green vegetables

For leafy green vegetables such as lettuce, herbs, spinach, and Chinese vegetables, we have created a unique patented Vertical Pipe System which:

Produces up to 50 times more than the yield of conventional farms per m2 pa (7,4kg pm2 pa) (Source:, Vol 7, Issue 1 Sept 2012)

Produces a final quantity of 500kg pm2 pa based on test conducted in South Africa.

We believe we have the best system in the world which produces the highest yields, requires the least land allocation and has the lowest costs, with a South African test model that showed 55% return on investment (ROI).

The very same EGGS patent could be used for various other vegetables in a controlled environment within a hydroponic gutter system without the patented vertical growth pipe.