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We have an extensive range of innovative green solutions for you

Because we care about our carbon footprint at Clean Air Nurseries, we continually strive to enhance our products to enable our clients to live a green lifestyle and provide you with products that are environmentally friendly and non-toxic.

Our systems are able to operate off-the-grid and do not use any harmful chemicals or poisons. Not only do the Clean Air Nurseries systems conserve water by means of recycling and atmospheric water generation, they are also scalable to meet different requirements and can be installed anywhere. From urban backyard farming or rooftop farming to large scale commercial farming, these systems can operate independent of climatic, topographic, temperature, soil or water conditions, enabling you to reduce your carbon footprint, overall costs, as well as time to market.

EGGSTM (Environmental Green Growth System)

Clean Air Nurseries South Africa has further refined water use efficiency through the design and development of an advanced water use system called EGGS™ (Environmental Green Growth System.) The EGGS™ system utilises approximately 2 000 liters of water in a four-week production period to produce up to 600kg of lettuce.

Co-developed by Gideo van der Merwe, EGGS™ evolved from the results of an experiment conducted to accelerate the growth cycle of algae for the biofuel industry. The E-Smart Food International Group acquired the rights to EGGS™, but CAN-SA has retained its licence to sell EGGS™ units in South Africa.

Currently the E-Smart Food International Group is constructing a full-scale, state of the art unit in Singapore, to be commissioned later this year. The unit will act as the flagship system for the E-Smart Food International Group listing profile.

Aqua MatrixTM


Super-absorbent polymers are becoming increasingly popular in agriculture, and Aqua Matrix™ effected a mechanical fusion of polymer with specialised fertiliser and other nutrients. The range of Aqua Matrix™ products are designed to store water and nutrients for on-demand slow release.

The product is non-toxic and environmentally safe, and does not contaminate plants, soil or ground water. With an essentially neutral pH, Aqua Matrix™ breaks down into its component parts of CO2, water, potassium and nitrogen with no residual toxicity.

Aqua Matrix™ has developed a range of products that are a patented fusion of potassium-based superabsorbent polymers (polymers that are able to absorb and retain large quantities of liquid) and slow releasing nutrients.