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These are only some of the products that have been successfully grown and harvested in our tunnels. The various seed varieties have all been sourced from Starke Ayres.


A New Lolla Green Lettuce With Nasonovia Ribisnigri And Bremia Resistance – Seeds From Starke Ayres.

Green Glace

A New Multi Leaf Sandwich And Salad Lettuce With Deep Green Leaves – Seeds From Starke Ayres.


A Nasonovia Ribisnigri Resistant Butterhead – Seeds From Starke Ayres.

Multi Green

A Bremia Resistant Green Frilly Multileaf Lettuce -Seeds From Starke Ayres.

Red Ou

A Vigorous Growing Red Oak Leaf Lettuce For Year Round Production – Seeds From Starke Ayres.

Red Glace

A New Deep Red Multi Leaf Salad Lettuce For Year Round Production – Seeds From Starke Ayres.


Triple Red Lolla Rosa Speciality Lettuce – Seeds From Starke Ayres.

Triple Play

A New Versatile Cos Lettuce With An Attractive Dark Green Colour – Seeds From Starke Ayres.


Herb: Upright mustard like herb with a distinctive zesty flavour – Seeds From Starke Ayres.


Herb: Spicy flavoured plant with aromatic leaves – Seeds From Starke Ayres.


A Nasonovia Ribisnigri Resistant Oak Leaf Lettuce – Seeds From Starke Ayres.

Multi Leaf

A Nasonovia Ribinigri Resistant Multileaf Lettuce – Seeds From Starke Ayres.

Can be marketed while still GROWING!

The placement of our Aqua Matrix polymer around the roots of plants during harvest enables us to extend and ensure the shelf life of fresh agricultural produce. This means that products remain fresh and growing for at least three weeks in the fridge cold chain.

Our Food Security Checklist

Year-round availability



Environmentally friendly


Less land allocation

Controlled environment

Water and electricity conservation


Carbon neutral

Lessens pathogens and risk of disease

Off-the-grid functionality