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About us

About us

We are modern, green entrepreneurs who support farmers in creating food security on a global scale.

The agricultural industry and those who work in it face many challenges, the least of which include global warming, depleting resources, loss of bio-diversity, dependency on fossil fuels, food security, hunger, poverty, labour issues, cost input, cost of agriculture, toxic run-off of fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides, high density urbanisation as well as rising CO2 levels.

However, if you take control of your own food production, you can make sure you always have fresh produce available while overcoming many of these challenges.

From smaller farming initiatives like urban backyard farming to large scale projects in remote areas that are off-the-grid, our systems can ensure that you always have fresh food to consume and supply.

Gideo van der Merwe
CEO and one of the developers of Clean Air Nurseries South Africa’s patented closed-loop water system.
Clean Air Nurseries (Pty) Ltd